I’m a full-time digital marketer, a part-time grad student and a mental health advocate.

Bringing creativity to content + social media marketing strategy in Columbus, OH.

I’m passionate about introducing creative and experimental approaches to digital marketing challenges. With a background in media relations, copywriting and strategy, I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with brands ranging from Fortune 50 companies to local nonprofits.

Part of my mission is gaining (and sharing) a better understanding of how the digital realm impacts our lives, particularly our mental health. My work often requires that I’m behind at least one screen for much of the day, and I’m naturally drawn to sharing my days on social media as well. To maintain my balance, I get out into nature through hiking and backpacking, often bringing my rescue and foster dogs along. I also travel as much as I can, (Denali National Park in Alaska is next on my list!) and work with my hands on the creative project of the moment.

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