ThreeThingThursday 1/24

ThreeThingThursday is a weekly themed post detailing three random-yet interesting-tidbits of information that are new to me this week. Arbitrary as they may seem, sometimes it’s the smallest things that lead to the greatest inspirations! 


You truly learn better through repetition. That’s how I was inspired to kick off ThreeThingThursday posts. My professor and PRSSA Adviser Dan Farkas ends each class by going around the room asking each student to share one thing that they’ve learned from the day. I like the idea, so this is my spin on it.


Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz, two cultural sensations that you used to think had nothing in common. That’s where you’re wrong. Consider the character parallels…Luke Skywalker/Dorothy, C-3PO/Tin Man, Yoda/Glinda. I learned this from a discussion on cultural structural analysis in my anthropology course.


The Indy 500 Instagram campaign was inspired by an Ohio University PMSA student, Jarrod Krisiloff. They’re crowdsourcing images linked by a common hashtag, and it’s really pretty neat.

What have you learned today?


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