ThreeThingThursday 1/31

ThreeThingThursday is a weekly post detailing three random–yet interesting–tidbits of information that are new to me this week. Arbitrary as they may seem, sometimes it’s the smallest things that lead to the greatest inspirations!


I always love reading the Big Red Rooster blog, but particularly to check out their “What We’re Crowing About” posts which detail a few notable innovations in their industry. Their latest post taught me that innovation can be measured in feet, according to this post about innovation measurement from Fast Company.


As a new dog owner, I’m constantly looking for puppy blogs and training tips. I hope to train my pup Nara as a therapy dog in the future, which is how I came across the AKC Canine Good Citizen program. They outline simple training milestones and have a process for certification. Slightly obnoxious, but too cute!


Last night I participated in the National #PRSSA hashtag chat about membership benefits. It’s always a great way to build your student network and learn from your peers, but last night’s chat was particularly informative. Check out the recap on the PRogressions blog.

My biggest takeaway was learning that PRSSA chapters can apply for a monthly award: the Pacesetter Chapter Recognition. This is a member benefit that I wasn’t familiar with before, but plan on taking advantage of. Thanks to Kate Ryan, PRSSA VP of Member Services, for hosting!

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What have you learned this week?


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