PR Workshop: Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn & Press Releases

I have the honor of leading a great group of rising PR stars as the Account Executive of the Ohio University ImPRessions GoBus Account Executive.

In the interest of professional development, we threw in an extra meeting last week to have a workshop to review the materials of their choosing. The group consensus came to résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn, and press releases–we touched a bit on each topic.

In the spirit of internship application season, I’d love to share the presentation that I assembled for my account:


A few of my favorite tips include:

  • Show both future employers AND reporters that you are trustworthy by editing all of your materials with flawless AP style.
  • Undergraduate PR résumés should generally be clear of any high school experience after your freshman year of college, and should always only be one page long!
  • Assembling your portfolio becomes a big project if you attempt to do it all at once. (A lesson I learned the hard way over the past weekend as I built my online portfolio.) Each time you add an experience to your résumé, archive the corresponding pieces to aid your organization.
  • Use confident language in cover letters! For example: instead of saying “I believe,” use “I am confident in my ability to.” If you don’t have confidence in your abilities, why should anyone else?
  • Adding media to your press release greatly increases your shot at publication. If it’s a really important release, consider using snail-mail or hand delivery.

I hope you enjoy these tips! Do you have any to add?




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