ThreeThingThursday 2/7

ThreeThingThursday is a weekly post detailing three random–yet interesting–tidbits of information that are new to me this week. Arbitrary as they may seem, sometimes it’s the smallest things that lead to the greatest inspirations!


This summer I was in Paris–just a quick train ride away–from Cannes during the 2012 Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Feeling so close to this buzzworthy gathering of 9,000 delegates, to be exact, got me intrigued. I followed a lot of the content coming from the event, and recently found the 2012 Cannes Lions Journal.

It’s a great little reference to some of the creative brand leaders of today!


The Perks of Being a Wallflower DVD release date is 2/12!

After receiving the book as a Christmas gift (thanks, little brother!) and reading it in all of 30 hours, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this day. And, from what I have heard, this is a rare case in which the movie holds its own against the novel.


I learned that bullying is the most common form of violence in U.S. society as my team and I began implementing our  Reach Out for Friendship campaign as a part of the PRSSA National Bateman Case Study Competition.

And, since shameless self-plugs are allowed on this blog per my rules, you should support our efforts to raise awareness of youth bullying in our local community by following us on Twitter (@ReachFriendship) and by pledging to be a friend.

Like this post? Check out what I learned last ThreeThingThursday.

What have you learned this week?


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