The Onion’s Oscars Tweet Gets Rotten Tomatoes

The backlash at a tweet from The Onion sent during the Oscars last night proves that humor does not place you above the law. As 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis walked the red carpet, @TheOnion sent out a repulsive tweet about the child star.

The Onion makes its name with outrageous sayings, but it was immediately evident that this crossed the line. The tweet was soon deleted from the official account, but not before many a screen shot captured the lapse of judgement. As if the hundreds of RT’s didn’t worsen the situation enough, many bloggers and reporters actually shared the original tweet in their stories.

An official apology by The Onion was finally released on Monday:


The moral of The Onion story in my eyes: no brand reputation has the ability to lift you above simple human decency. 

Do you think the tweet was appropriate in context? What do you think of the media furthering the damage by sharing the crass comment?


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