ThreeThingThursday 3/7

ThreeThingThursday is a weekly post detailing three random–yet interesting–tidbits of information that are new to me this week. Arbitrary as they may seem, sometimes it’s the smallest things that lead to the greatest inspirations!

[ONE]: Have an interview coming up?

According to these tips for a phone interview, watching something that makes you laugh or puts you at ease right before the big call will calm your nerves and enhance your performance. Here’s the pep talk I chose before today’s big interview:

[TWO]: What is the difference between branding and marketing?

It’s something I never really thought about until the question was posed by the recent New Pros PRSA Twitter Chat.

My favorite, straightforward explanation by @Alexa_Tomey:



[THREE]: Where are you headed?

I’m anxiously anticipating the upcoming Scripps PRSSA networking trip to NYC, which is how I came across the Kate Spade City Guides. Say “Kate Spade” and you have my interest, but tell me all the places I must eat while traipsing through a new city and I’m in love.

Guides to cities around the world including Tahiti, Chicago, Shanghai and more are listed, offering everything from the best hotels to what should be included on your packing list. Hint: bookmark, now.


What have you learned this week?


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