The Worst Cooks with the Best Personal Brands

Fellow Food Network junkies already know where I’m going with this. Sunday’s Worst Cooks in America season finale presented Alina as the new, most improved, Worst Cook.

worst cooks

I have to admit that, despite my allegiance to Team Anne, I was pulling for Chef Chet all along. Whether or not you care about the show, take note that it wasn’t his cooking skills, or lack of, that caught my eye. Chet flaunted the most defined personal brand I’ve ever seen since the season began.


All of the Worst Cook‘s are given personality on the show, but Chet does a few things that we can learn from. The interior designer from New Orleans was clean and consistent. Not to mention, very entertaining and true to the title of “Worst Cook.”

Three things we can all learn from Chef Chet’s personal brand:

  1. Be easily defined. What an awful thing to say, I know. But when it comes to branding, you need your message to hit home fast, as Chet’s undeniably did. Use the KISS philosophy for personal branding, Keep It Simple Stupid. Every personality has layers, and your professional and personal brand should present the most prominent characteristics of yours. 
  2. Present a consistent message. Through the different challenges presented across episodes, you could count on Chet to bring pep and personality. Even bawling when his mom made a surprise appearance, aww! Rain or shine, stress or downtime, think of how you want to come off to those around you. Be consistent in your messaging and, therefore, in your demeanor.
  3. Incorporate your brand into everything you do. Chet Pourciau is an interior designer, but his transition to the kitchen on Worst Chefs of America didn’t dampen his personality. Your personal brand should be true enough to you and and your interests to serve you in every arena. Use it to accentuate your involvement in everything that you do.

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