Key Takeaways from PRSSA Leadership Rally 2013

This past weekend I attended the PRSSA 2013 Leadership Rally in Scottsdale, Arizona on behalf of Scripps PRSSA. The event gathered Chapter Presidents from around the country for three(ish) days of speakers, discussions, and inspiration. Of course, there was fun to be had poolside at the luxurious Chaparral Suites and connections to be made over their delicious meals!

I went to the event not knowing a soul, and was assigned three random roommates. Never in my life have I been able to form such strong attachments in such a short amount of time–but then again, being huge PR nerds and Chapter Presidents gave us plenty to bond over. In any case, here are three rising PR pros I suggest you check out…


PRSSA Leadership Rally focused on making a smooth transition into a new year of Chapter leadership and programming, while tying in PRSSA National initiatives such as ethics and diversity. With such an ambitious group of leaders gathered for an entire weekend, inspiration was abound. Here are a few of my favorite lessons learned at PRSSA 2013 Leadership Rally

  • Followers select their leaders, leaders don’t select their followers. A good leader doesn’t have to micro-manage or force themselves upon their teammates, they can let others come to them and be dependable once they do.
  • Before you offer criticism, put someone in the position to accept it. Ask if they would like your input before giving it.
  • A complaint is an opportunity for volunteers. Use this as a way to turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity!
  • Diversity concerns much more than you think it does! Take this concept beyond the binary to truly benefit from it.
  • You can’t force others to be passionate, but you can engage them with your own passion and allow your enthusiasm to become contagious.What inspires you to be a better leader? How will you put these ideas to use?

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