#PRSSANC Twitter insights with Topsy Pro Analytics

If PRSSA National Conference is the PR student’s Disney World, Twitter is its Mickey-mouse branded scrapbook.

Around 2pm on October 27th, communications pre-professionals celebrated the little victory of getting the #PRSSANC hashtag trending worldwide. The PRSSA National Conference is certainly known for its remarkable Twitter traffic, as many of its attendees passionately live-tweet the insights gained throughout the conference.

A Topsy Pro Analytics summary of Twitter activity for “#PRSSANC” reveals 30K tweets were sent throughout the five-day conference.


The same summary adjusted to display all-time results for “#PRSSANC” reveals 84K tweets throughout Twitter’s history. In other words, good work 2013 attendees! We composed almost 36% of all PRSSA National Conference Twitter conversation in just 5 days.


And did someone say digital natives? This Topsy activity search comparing “#PRSSANC” and “#PRSAICON” tweets shows a remarkable contrast between the two conference attendees’ social behavior.


2013 #PRSSANC Twitter activity more than doubled that of #PRSAICON. [Tweet this]

Lastly, here’s your Follow Friday inspiration for the week. Searching for “#PRSSANC’ influencers reveals the conference’s top Twitter celebrities. Shout out to Jason Mollica, Simon Oh and these top Chapters for making the cut! You bet Scripps PRSSA is among them.



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