3 Brain + Body Resets I’m Trying Right Now

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Note: No, they’re not affiliate links. I’m making no money for this, but I am laughing at the idea of me being a “health blogger.”

Maybe it’s a reflection of the general unrest and illness of the state of society at the moment, but I’ve been feeling physically worse for the wear lately. I’m used to needing to allocate more energy toward my mental health than physical. But lately my body’s been calling for attention in new and unpleasant ways–a bad scalp reaction to a few different shampoos, insomnia (which I RARELY experience on the norm) and even nausea after eating my favorite food group: dairy.

It’s been enough to catch my attention. At the same time, a few more holistic health approaches have my attention too. I’ve done just enough research into each of them to be willing to make the purchases and give these “health hacks” a go:

  1. Sleeping with mouth tape. Let’s start with the one that makes me feel the craziest. It started with the ‘Lost Art’ of Breathing, this Fresh Air podcast where Terry Gross interviews James Nestor about his upcoming book. A large portion of the interview focuses on the benefits of nasal breathing. As a lifelong mouth breather, I was intrigued.

“The nose filters, heats and treats raw air. Most of us know that. But so many of us don’t realize — at least I didn’t realize — how [inhaling through the nose] can trigger different hormones to flood into our bodies, how it can lower our blood pressure … how it monitors heart rate … even helps store memories. So it’s this incredible organ that … orchestrates innumerable functions in our body to keep us balanced.” via James Nestor on NPR’s Fresh Air

Like all bad habits, switching from breathing primarily from your mouth to your nose requires some focus and training. One of the approaches that Nestor shares includes sleeping with surgical tape over your mouth. Here’s what I’m going to try:

Sleep Strips 60 Pcs,Advanced Gentle Mouth Tape for Better Nose Breathing, Less Mouth Breathing, Improved Nighttime Sleeping and Instant Snoring Relief

Yeah…mouth tape. Think I’ll look even goofier than that awful Photoshop job? Time will tell.

2. Magnesium spray as a supplement. This recommendation comes from my brilliant, flower child sister. I actually borrowed her magnesium spray during her visit home over the holidays and loved the immediate relaxation…or at least the placebo effect…that washed over me.

I’ve heard how important magnesium is for mental health, among other things. I’ve made sure to pick a multivitamin with magnesium over the past few years. But sweet sister recently told me that our systems actually can’t absorb magnesium at all / very well in tablet form. She also opts to drink a powdered supplement in the evenings, but I’m going to start with this:

Happie Coconut Magnesium Oil Spray With Lavender Sleep  image 0

Happie Coconut Magnesium Oil Spray with Lavender from Etsy…if nothing else, I’m excited for yet another lavender-scented sleep spritz

3. A customized gut health program. I’ll admit that I haven’t looked too far into this one…a targeted Instagram ad got me good here. I bought the Thryve Gut Health Program which includes shipping in a…sample…and a resulting report on the status of your microbiome, along with a customized probiotic.

I’m excited for the potential of easing some of the allergic and intolerant reactions I’ve been feeling lately. As someone with chronic depression, I’m also excited about anything that can help relieve some brain fog and improve my focus. Again, we’ll see.

Small changes can make all the difference. Maybe while I make these minuscule routine updates Trump and his bigot cronies will pipe down as well…which would improve all of our lives much more than SeLf CaRe ever could. But, if anything turns out to be wonderful, I’ll give you an update.

If you’ve tried any of these products, or something similar, how have they worked for you?

One thought on “3 Brain + Body Resets I’m Trying Right Now

  1. Elizabeth Spears says:

    Checking out your gut flora is super fun! If can, look into which foods help or hurt those magical little tummy creatures of yours. Proud of your efforts towards better health. I’m right next to you on this journey!!!

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