About The Goatkeeper

Technology’s impact on human culture is not the mystery we make it out to be.

As the invention of stone tools changed the way our ancestors protracted nourishment, the invention of Instagram has changed the way we express ourselves socially. You, yourself, write the story —it doesn’t matter if you use hieroglyphics or Periscope to tell it. The changes of the digital age — text messages, Instagram posts, YouTube videos — are no more than vehicles of self-expression. Modern technology is not the enemy, but all too often, it is the scapegoat.

As tech continues to shift the role of “gatekeeper” across the media landscape, the new tools themselves are being burdened with the blame. From social networks to drones, technology has become the scapegoat in the age of “new media.”

Enter The Goatkeeper. Where different ≠ worse. Where a binary view of technology’s impact on the media is refuted. Where there’s no blame to cast, only opportunity to explore.

By taking ownership, we’re putting personal technology in its place and empowering positive social change within our daily lives. Are you into that? Read along + reach out with your ideas.

Issue 1 // Before You Jump on the Essena O’Neill Bandwagon, Know This

Issue 2 // Why You Should Stop Sharing Nature Valley’s Alarmist Ad

Issue 3 // Social Media, Mass Tragedy + May Boatwright


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