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Before You Jump on the Essena O’Neill Bandwagon, Know This.

Essena O’Neill, you’re naming the wrong enemy.

Earlier today a story broke about a beautiful young Instagram star who plans to “quit social media.” Essena O’Neill broke the curated wall she spent six years building up with a confessional YouTube video…Read the original post on Medium.



Tonight’s #ScrippsPRCW Twitter Chat

Join in the Scripps PRSSA PR Career Week Twitter chat tonight at 8pm EST. We’ll talk personal branding with Matt Prince, and all are welcome to join in! Hope to “see you” there.


PR Tip Roundup from #ScrippsPRSSAtoCBus

I spent last Friday racing around Columbus, Ohio with my Scripps PRSSA Chapter as we took our first networking trip of the semester: #ScrippsPRSSAtoCBus.


The day’s agenda had us stopping at MediaSource, Geben Communication, Nationwide  Corporate Communications, Fahlgren Mortine, and SBC Advertising. Some members and professionals wrapped up the event with a Meet & Greet at Gordon Biersch.

As a senior and longtime PRSSA addict, I’ve survived many a networking trip. It’s crazy how intensely my pending graduation changed my perspective this time around. It was a great day that I was lucky to spend among my Chapter colleagues, while meeting several inspiring PR professionals.

Here are some of my favorite bits of advice from the day:

  • Before visiting MediaSource, I have to admit that I was clueless in the realm of brand journalism. According to Lisa Arledge Powell, “The less branded your content is, the more it is brand journalism.” Brand journalism incorporates both earned and owned media. –MediaSource visit
  • Good interns and interviewees have a specific idea of their path after graduation. -MediaSource visit
  • In brand journalism, working with clients is like working in a newsroom. –MediaSource visit
  • Personalize each and every cover letter. Treat it like a pitch.@LexiMessenger, Geben Communication visit
  • Working with startups has a large influence on the client-agency relationship. Startups are more eager to trust and less likely to micromanage. @prtini, Geben Communication visit
  • The ever-changing Facebook algorithm is posing a challenge to all social pros. Coming in with a thorough, up-to-date understanding is key to standing out. @TaylorRayOrsbon, Geben Communication visit
  • When you’re on the job hunt, it’s important to know which PR verticals are in a growth trend.Fahlgren Mortine visit
  • Why is a business minor important for strat comm students? Because (most) clients are business-minded people. Apply this knowledge to their POV. -Fahlgren Mortine visit
  • If you can be at home in chaos, agency life may be a fit for you.@ZBingham, SBC Advertising visit
  • SBC values interaction over impressions, and they measure it with their 3 Tiers of Engagement: traffic, traction, and transaction. -SBC Advertising visit

Did you attend #ScrippsPRSSAtoCBus? 3 tips to following up:

  1. Make LinkedIn connections in a timely fashion. Today is the day!
  2. Email any professionals that really stood out to you. Say thanks, continue the conversation. Especially if they offered to help out.
  3. If you’re on the internship or job hunt, pick one professional to invite to coffee. Take your “network” to the next level by building genuine working relationships.

Another huge thank you to all of the professionals who took time out of their busy Fridays to help us out! It’s only with your time, help and effort that we hope to someday become as successful as yourselves.

Have any tips that I may have missed out on (while running around like a madwoman)? Please share in the comments!

When to stay, and when to (absolutely) leave in PR

I’m not a quitter.

In the professional realm, I’m extremely confident in my ability to dedicate my time and effort to the work at hand. Yet, last night, I quit. I weighed my options, I sent the email, and I quit.

Making this decision was tough. The factors at hand led me to wrongfully doubt my professional abilities and my personal dedication. Then, as I worked through what was really going on beneath the surface, the decision became much clearer. I know this experience has better prepared me for future ethical, client dilemmas as a PR professional.

Disclaimer: I write because this is a valuable lesson I know my peers can learn from, and an experience many have possibly shared. I choose to be vague in order to protect the organization that I have resigned from. This is not written against said organization, rather in support of my decision to no longer be a part of it.

This is why I decided it was (absolutely) time to leave:

  1. My dedication to my position caused both personal and professional ethical discomfort on a regular basis. Personal morality takes priority, enough said.
  2. I found myself existing as part of a community that bred bullying, a cause I passionately advocate against.
  3. I watched this organization repeatedly weed out the most well-meaning amongst it.
  4. I realized that what existed wasn’t a PR problem, but a people problem. Due to the nature of this issue and my lack of access to it, my time and effort were continually being wasted.
  5. The advice and counsel that I had to offer was consistently ignored or forgotten. My position became a time suck. (And–to the public eye–a joke.)
  6. There’s plenty of great work to be done elsewhere. Said Rumi:


Choosing to leave isn’t an easy decision, and going back on prior commitments should never be taken lightly. In this case, the hardest decision to make was the one I’ve learned the most from. I’ll still refuse to call myself a quitter, and I think I’m all the wiser for it.

#PRSSANC Twitter insights with Topsy Pro Analytics

If PRSSA National Conference is the PR student’s Disney World, Twitter is its Mickey-mouse branded scrapbook.

Around 2pm on October 27th, communications pre-professionals celebrated the little victory of getting the #PRSSANC hashtag trending worldwide. The PRSSA National Conference is certainly known for its remarkable Twitter traffic, as many of its attendees passionately live-tweet the insights gained throughout the conference.

A Topsy Pro Analytics summary of Twitter activity for “#PRSSANC” reveals 30K tweets were sent throughout the five-day conference.


The same summary adjusted to display all-time results for “#PRSSANC” reveals 84K tweets throughout Twitter’s history. In other words, good work 2013 attendees! We composed almost 36% of all PRSSA National Conference Twitter conversation in just 5 days.


And did someone say digital natives? This Topsy activity search comparing “#PRSSANC” and “#PRSAICON” tweets shows a remarkable contrast between the two conference attendees’ social behavior.


2013 #PRSSANC Twitter activity more than doubled that of #PRSAICON. [Tweet this]

Lastly, here’s your Follow Friday inspiration for the week. Searching for “#PRSSANC’ influencers reveals the conference’s top Twitter celebrities. Shout out to Jason Mollica, Simon Oh and these top Chapters for making the cut! You bet Scripps PRSSA is among them.


Personal Website Building for PR

Today I hung out with the Ohio University ImPRessions GoBus account and got to present on building a personal website. This January will mark my super-sentimental one year anniversary of my own website and blog, so it was a great look back on all that I’ve learned in such a short time. The concept of starting a personal website can be pretty overwhelming. That’s why I suggested looking at the four main benefits of harnessing your personal web presence:

  1. SEO results
  2. Thought leadership
  3. Network building
  4. Personal branding

Figure out which is most important to you, then adapt your platform and content to match. Whether you already manage your personal website–or are thinking of starting one from scratch–build it out in three sections: your visuals, your content, your network.

Here’s the Prezi I made for the #GBImPRessions account:

While I would love to learn how to code, I haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. However, can be quite restrictive. I’m a firm believer in the saying “if they’re telling you no, you’re asking the wrong person.” In other words, I’ve put a lot of time into finding ways around some of’s most pesky restrictions. A few tricks I like are working with HTML to embed ISSUU on WordPress, as well as to make page tabs external links.

Winter break will be here before we know it, and using that extra bit of free time as an investment in your web presence is a move you won’t regret.

Thanks for having me, GoBus account!

ICYMI (like I did) Vizify is sweet.

As I typed up a quick email to introduce a fellow Scripps PRSSA member Carley to a professional connection of mine, I checked out her Twitter bio and came across Carley Berman’s Vizify page. It was awesome. I wanted one.

Think I’m late to this trend, but I just finished rearranging and editing my own Vizify profile. It’s not only a very visual and informative tool, but it’s amazingly easy and fast to pull together. Vizify’s interactive career feature is what really blew me away. Plus I really enjoy anything that will let me boast my impressive, last-minute Halloween costume just one more time. (Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!)

Make your own and share in the comments!